Our Team

Our people are our strength.

SQL Agility is a wholly Australian owned, Melbourne based database support company. It was formed in 2015 as result of the friendship and common goals of its directors.
We specialise in Microsoft SQL Server. Our SQL Server experience and expertise provide a service which allows our clients to maximise business value from their investment. Our extensive knowledge of the platform allows us to solve any performance or scalability issue, and provide innovative solutions to any business requirement. We develop our own customised monitoring software, which allows us to respond rapidly to issues, and have the information needed to resolve them instantly at hand. Our experienced and easy to work with people are our greatest asset, and our culture is to always provide great service, and to deliver.

Our people.

Glenn Mafodda / Director

Glenn started in IT as a software consultant, being the fourteenth employee of the fledgling company DWS, way back in 1994. He remained at the company for almost 14 years, and during this time became an extremely versatile programmer, consultant and DBA, working within some of Australia’s largest organisations, including Telstra, Fosters Group, Powercor, United Energy, Origin Energy, Crown, Melbourne Water, and many others. It was a role as the DBA for Crown in Melbourne, where Glenn realised he wanted to specialise in SQL Server. After finding it difficult to specialise whilst working in a consulting company, Glenn joined MyDBA in 2007 as a Database Performance Consultant. He progressed to the DBA Team Leader where he managed a small team of highly skilled DBAs, and looked after a large number of corporate clients. His specialities were performance tuning, high-end hardware, research and development and high-availability and DR solutions. He left MyDBA believing that he could provide better service to clients as an independent service provider.
 0417 033 250  /    glenn mafodda

Greg Obleshchuk / Director

Greg commenced his IT career 27 years ago, working his way up from a Computer Operator position all the way to IT Manager at his first company, Carter Holt Harvey, where he managed the rollout of PCs across Australia. He then set out on his own as an independent application developer, where he worked for an enormous range of different organisations and gained experience in various platforms and languages, including .Net, ASP and HTML. After 9 years working for himself, Greg joined MyDBA, where he was the head of development and was responsible for everything from design and development of the monitoring tools, to managing the infrastructure, as well as being a DBA when required. It is here that Greg became an expert in monitoring SQL Server, and he has brought that expertise to SQL Agility.
 0414 244 834  /    greg obleshchuk

Geoff Beattie / SQL Server Performance Consultant

Geoff started his working life as an Apprentice Radio Tradesman with the SEC Victoria. He moved from there into designing and programming microprocessor based building control and airconditioning systems for Luke Airconditioning. He then worked for nearly 18 years in the technology departments of one of Australia’s premier law firms Arthur Robinson & Hedderwicks. He was heavily involved in the implementation of PC technology, document imaging, database technology and numerous other systems. He also served as SQL DBA for a number of years. In 2012 he joined MyDBA and worked on their monitoring systems and websites. He also developed SSRS reports and SSIS packages for clients. He was often seconded to clients as their SQL DBA. In April, 2018 he joined DWS as a database consultant and worked for a range of clients developing SSIS based ETL processes, SSRS reports and SQL Server migrations. He joined SQL Agility in June, 2019. He also has two Law degrees.
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