Consulting Services.

We can help you on any project, large or small.

Database design and modelling.

From producing the initial relational data model to implementing the physical database structures, we have years of experience in architecting application data tiers that are efficient and ensure that applications perform optimally.

Business Reporting.

Presenting accurate data in a clear and understandable format is an important part of every business process. From single SSRS reports to enterprise reporting solutions we can provide you with results.

ETL and data manipulation.

Having the right data in the right place at the right time is the key to making the right decisions. We have the skills to ensure that you extract the most value from your systems.


Business Intelligence Systems Design

We produce results in weeks not months. Our wealth of experience with the Microsoft BI toolset enable us to design efficient large scale datawarehouses in a timeframe that meets your needs. Whether it’s a Tabular or Multi-dimensional solution we can give you the data you need in the way that you need it.


Practical advice tailored specifically for you.

Out real world experience ensures that everything we do is not only technically sound, it’s right for you. We’ll give you complete advice that works for your business.
Someone has recommended you implement data compression to reduce your storage footprint but have they discussed the performance impact? We will.
Will partitioning your data improve performance or is the real benefit in better management? We’ll tell you.


Our goals

Make your project a success by providing the right people with the right experience.

Areas we cover.

  • All Versions And Editions Of SQL Server (including SQL Azure Database)
  • Any SQL Server Related Work (DB Engine, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS)


Consulting Service pricing.

  • $1,455 inc. gst per day
  • Minimum 1 day
  • Reduced rate for long duration projects

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