Complete Care Service.

We take care of the databases so you can concentrate on your business.

Our Complete Care Service is for organisations who wish to completely outsource the management of their SQL Server environment and maximise their business value. We provide 24 x 7 x 365 support.

We manage it all.

We manage all aspects of your SQL Server environment. Performance. High availability. Disaster recovery. Patching. Upgrades… Our software monitors your environment and allows us to respond to any abnormal performance or failure conditions. Not only will we respond and resolve any issues in with the least possible interruption to your business, we will analyse the root cause of incidents and prevent them from re-occurring.

Our goal.

Our goal is to have your environment operational and performing smoothly 100% of the time, and to prevent issues from re-occurring by finding and fixing the root cause of the issue.

What is included with Complete Care Service

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Remote Support
  • All Versions And Editions Of SQL Server (including SQL Azure Database)
  • All SQL Server Related Work (DB Engine, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS)
  • Performance Data Capture (Server, Instance, Database, Query, Growth)
  • Advanced Interactive Online Performance Dashboard
  • Real Time Alerting (Performance, Heartbeat, Backup Failures, Job Failures, Free Space, HA Status)
  • Alerts direct To Clients For predefined KPIs With predefined thresholds
  • Service Level Guarantees (1 Hour Response, 4 Hour Resolution)
  • 2 Year Retention of Performance Data
  • Software And Hardware Upgrades
  • High Avaliabliity And Disaster Recovery
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Periodic Reports
  • Free Consulting Days With Long Term Contracts (6M = 3D, 12M = 8D, 24M = 18D)


Complete Care Service pricing

  • $1,819 inc. gst per server per month paid in advanced
  • Unlimited number of instances per server
  • Discounts available for 11 or more servers

The Smith Family

SQL Agility is committed to giving back to the community.  For every customer that uses our Complete Care service we are sponsoring a Australian child through The Smith Family.

One in six Australian children and young people are growing up in poverty, where even the bare necessities are hard to come by. In a family where there is no regular income, money goes on food, rent and bills. Finding money for a school uniform, proper shoes, textbooks or the next school excursion is often impossible.

The Smith Family

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